Dream Like You Will Never Wake Up


"My nounself pronouns are bun/buns/bunself (Or any other nounself pronouns)!”

"You don’t need dysphoria to be Transgender!"

"My headmates are Satan and Jesus!"

"I am a unicorn from the 56th dimension!"

"I am a MagiGender (Or any other tumblr created gender)!"

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Shoutout to people/otherkin that get "triggered" →


Your self diagnosed mental disorders aren’t real. You don’t have PTSD, too many of my friends have been clinically diagnosed for you to get a pass for your hypochondria. Your “therapist” only supports you because you pay them. The majority of you are sheltered, suburban, white girls that don’t…

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There is no lower form of life on earth than men who hit their loved ones out of anger. I’d castrate every single one with a blunt spoon if I could.

EDIT - Dear lord, obviously I mean this in a non-consensual sense, although if you’re a dom and you;re angry you shouldn’t be hitting the people you play with either. BDSM and anger do NOT mix.

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If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.